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AUGUST AB CHALLENGE!! Prizes to be awarded

Beginning Friday, AUGUST 1st.

The CrossFit Games are just around the corner. They take place the last Week in July. Whether you are going to California to watch the games or viewing them on TV, look at all of the amazing FIT bodies. I am in awe of the amazing ABS that are on display. Not just on the competitors, but the fans as well. If you look, you will see thousands of well defined bodies. As I was watching some footage from last year, it was the ABS that caught my attention, so I thought why not start an AB Challenge.

The most logical place to start an AB challenge is with nutrition. Lets clean up our DIETS!!!! My eating habits are fairly clean most of the time, however I have recently (within the last year) discovered that I have a sweet tooth. I LOVE frozen yogurt, Hersheys w/almonds, and toaster streudel. Now, if I’m willing to admit that those items sometimes sneak into my diet and I haven’t fought it, everyone can come clean. (See what i did there)? But if I want my abs back, I have to cut these things out. I am making a conscious effort to cut out anything that appeals to my sweet tooth.

The second thing that will help develop the ABS we all strive for is constant core flexion during WODS at the right time. We should hold our abs tight for a majority of the WOD moves while working out, but many times we forget that we need to keep tight throughout the movements.

So, here is my challenge to you.

1)  Clean up your Nutrition
2) Hold your core tight when appropriate
3) 25 TTB and 100 Sit ups every day you are in the BOX for the month of August

Commit to these 3 things, continue to train with the same intensity and you will experience after just 3 short weeks, changes in your stomach and your abs will start to be visible.   Results will vary due to genetics, and starting points, but all will see great changes in your physical appearance, and you could add years to your life by cleaning up your diet  in just 30 short days.  What do you have to lose????

We need to take before and after pictures, and will award prizes for the top 3 ab improvement as voted on by CrossFit Wild members (minimum 10 participants).  See Tom for details.  Pics must be taken no later than August 1st and sent to Tom. Must be willing to have pictures shared on our Wild page!!!

Who is in?????

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